The Meeting Place

The Meeting Place is open from 10am until 2pm every Wednesday and Thursday throughout the year. It’s somewhere to receive a warm welcome, to chat over tea or coffee and a biscuit and enjoy lunch – for free!

The Meeting Place opened in May 2021 as lockdown lifted with the intention of helping reduce social isolation and loneliness. That purpose is as relevant now and we’re still helping new people every week. 

On Wednesdays we host Talkin’ Tables, an initiative from Friends for you. A table leader hosts and each week over 20 people come together to chat. 

On Thursdays Art & Joy is an informal art group, open to anyone and everyone. Everyone can be arty. They really can. Gemma who leads the group can help you find a way of being creative that feels comfortable for you – be it colouring, watercolours, clay, sketching… We provide the materials and the refreshments.

We also have a rail with free clothes, secondhand book exchange, vouchers and small food parcels available to people in need and we can provide some 1 to 1 support to access specialist services like Citizens Advice.