Chorley Repair Cafe

Chorley Repair Cafe has been running since November 2019. The premise is simple: you bring along your broken items and our team of volunteer repairers get them working again. In so doing we save people money, save items from landfill and save the planet from the need to replace things (with all the use of resources that producing things entails).

We successfully repair about 70% of the items brought along each month. Most will be fixed during the session, a few will be taken away by repairers for further attention and a few will be unrepairable or beyond the skills of our team.

Our team can repair electronic and electrical items, clothes, bags, mechanical items, bikes, small items of furniture and more. We’ve seen and repaired a lot of vacuum cleaners, toasters, TVs, bags, zips, clocks (with electronic movements), family heirlooms, much loved cuddly toys, tape decks, dolls, statuettes and ceramic ornaments and so much else. Most months will see someone bring something along that we haven’t repaired before.

The only things we won’t repair are microwaves and items powered by gas, petrol or diesel – for health and safety reasonsa.

How does it work?

When you come we ask you to fill in a registration form and read our house rules. When it’s your turn you’ll be called to bring your item over to the repairer. We then ask you to stay whilst we examine, and hopefully repair, your item.

Why do we ask you to stay? Primiarily because we want to share repair skills. If you stay with your item we can talk you through the examination and repair process. Maybe next time you’ll be able to repair it yourself. Our repairers are full of wisdom on how to maintain things and avoid future problems so it’s well worth having a chat with them.

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We repair over 70% of items brought to us

Want to get involved?

We’re always on the look out for new repairers or would be repairers. Whether you have repair skills already or not we’d love to hear from you. We’re passionate about sharing and spreading repair skills so we accept people who would like to learn how to repair as well as people who already have repair skills. 

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